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Commemoration of Atatürk

Commemoration of Atatürk

We remember with respect, love and longing ...

Prep Exemption Exam

Prep Exemption Exam

According to the Article 60 of Ministry of National Education Regulation on Private Education...

High school is ready for you what about your English level?

High school is ready for you what about your English level?

Secondary school is over, you entered LGS, high school desks are waiting for you now!

Will the environmental pollution problem disappear in the future?

We don't know if this problem will be solved, but we make sure that the student who will provide this transformation respects and protects nature.

Hardware with Knowledge and Skills

Middle school is a period in which students are at the centre of active learning, develop creative, interpretive and critical thinking skills, develop their ability to solve complex problems by working on their own and in collaboration. This level covers the most important years in which students have become brave in the social environment as they adapt to various roles, learn to organize and use them by finding and developing the information they need, grow up as balanced individuals with physical, mental, social and spiritual happiness, and consolidate and mature the foundations of their personalities.

GEO's goals in educating students are based on the Education Content Of The Future, carrying the responsibility of learning, sensitive, compatible with the current life and the world, respecting different cultures, wondering, investigating, questioning what is happening around them, to educate world citizens who are bound to Atatürk's principles and revolutions by integrating language and cultural knowledge with the communication competence that will guide life standards in the 21st century.

In GEO, middle school education is based on the student who, as an individual, has become aware of the changing world dynamics of social-communal life and the ongoing diversity complex. At GEO, the middle school program aims to increase the development of both academic and skill levels by directing the student's cognitive processes towards the right direction.

Branch Courses, Art, Sports

Students who start their middle school education at GEO, experience opportunities for individual awareness in the focus of interdisciplinary, real-life, permanent learning with the future teacher and technology of the future.

In GEO, branch courses are planned in accordance with the development of our students within the framework of programs specially arranged for our middle school students. With its art and sports activities, students are educated as individuals who have developed social and cultural awareness as well as academic achievements in GEO and who can express themselves easily through all the activities and projects between art, music, dance and culture.

In addition to club courses based on creativity such as maker-robotics, creative film/scenario, creative writing, destination imagination, and visual arts, music and physical education courses are also included in our program.

Fluency And Proficiency In Foreign Language

English Language Education

Continuing through the fifth grade English preparatory program and the English learning process with a noticeable momentum, GEO students experience an English program that supports international standards of content and materials to express themselves on written and spoken platforms. In GEO, English education is based on the language background of learners. Based on differentiated teaching, it is based on fluency in two languages and communication, fluent language skills in native and foreign languages, and productive language skills. This process includes creative writing, presentation preparation and presentation, text writing, verbal and written communication skills, interpretation, meaning and evaluation.

Middle school students who study two foreign languages at GEO; grow as active, researcher and lifelong learners. The facilities provided by the language program equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to keep up with the changing global life.
The main aim of the Foreign Language department is to keep the language in the educational centre; the aim of the course is to enable students to take active part in the courses, participate in the activities and connect with daily life. Methodologically strong and technological teaching and learning materials are used in the lessons.

At each class level, language education is a forward-looking and meaningful experience focusing on language acquisition by developing critical thinking skills by building a strong knowledge base and exploring important concepts. Each student has a different learning style, a unique learning profile, and a different pace of progress.

The aim of the fifth and eighth grade level is to graduate students at B2 level in line with the CEFR criteria with the infrastructure they have acquired. At B2 level, a student can understand long speech, presentation and contemporary literary plain text on the condition that it is a current subject. The main objectives of this program are to apply active reading methods by using articles, stories, biographies and interviews, to make notes from what they read, to make book analysis, to prepare a creative and effective presentation and to present it before the public. 

Language learning, use of original materials, eTwinning projects, extracurricular activities (JMUN, DI etc.) is transferred to the context of real life. While students are reading different types of books and developing their reading skills, they are able to achieve targeted gains on the book and content through project work. The content of these studies consists of oral presentation, composition, essay writing, drama studies and practical activities. Students are introduced to a wide variety of literary approaches. Creative themes are handled and students develop listening, writing and reading skills.

Students' English levels are measured by an objective assessment system and by the Cambridge English Qualifications examinations held by Cambridge University, where their success is documented at international standards.

German Education

German as the second foreign language is taught at GEO, where the teacher is based along with the culture of foreign language. It is aimed that the students learn this language first and then learn German by loving and living. With German education, students develop their language skills such as reading, writing, listening, comprehension, speaking, while also developing vocabulary activities, dialogue studies and watching the language effectively.

Second foreign language education;

  • To be able to acquire strong individuals who can express themselves in German with the confidence of loving a new language and knowing a language.
  • To enable students to acquire a basic vocabulary through active participation in the course
  • To enable them to describe their views and dreams
  • It is aimed to gain an understanding of the life and culture of German speaking countries and to increase their intercultural awareness.

At the end of the lessons at GEO, students are eligible to take international examinations (FIT 1 - A1 and Fit 2 - A2) administered by the Goethe Institute and can document their language level with a certificate.

Science In Middle School

GEO is in a position to take the student to the centre in science education and adopt an effective learning and teaching-based approach.

GEO is aware that this can only happen with high-level mental process skills. For this reason, the courses designed with a constructive approach are taught in GEO T-Labs, designed with the architecture of the future, so that students can learn more than memorize, solve problems related to new situations and develop scientific method process skills.

Applied Science Education allows students to accurately observe and interpret the environment. In this way, GEO students are successful in adapting to life.

The Technology of The Future in Middle School

Our students who actively use GEO C-Lab and GEO T-Lab fields are prepared as fully equipped individuals to the future. Our goal as GEO college is to educate our students in this age of technology, where competition is increasing day by day, as individuals with strong communication skills and social skills that are able to produce solutions to the problems they face. 

At GEO, students lead technological advances and sign creative projects. A rich curriculum program is applied to guide the progress of the training journey by meeting different technologies. The curriculum is carried out through LEGO Education WeDo 2.0, a learning set by doing that, offering engineering, technology and coding experiences with real-life projects. 

In GEO, where individuals are not consuming technology, students produce their own problem situations and reach a solution. In addition to various software languages, 3D drawing and technology, virtual and augmented reality applications, robot programming are also contributing to their personal development. GEO technology is considered as a whole that meets the needs and enables research and development.

Assessment And Evaluation

In GEO, assessment and evaluation approach goes beyond the classical achievement assessment by being organized in accordance with the GEO Education Model and the students' individual interests and perception styles.

GEO 's evaluation of success is carried out within a certain system and with different measurement tools. At the beginning of the semester, “availability” examination is carried out to determine the level of students and to correct their deficiencies. According to the results of the assessment, the students are supported by individual studies in order to increase the success level of the students.

In GEO, which has a wide range of educational activities, the student works for at least one project and event each year and develops social aspects and grows up as individuals who produce and realize in society. Each year, our students participate in many national and international competitions, conferences and fairs, and prepare for exams and competitions. Assessment is always part of teaching and learning and is a reflection of the curriculum.

We believe our responsibility is to evaluate the students' internal development. We believe that it is a sign of failure for some children to evaluate and reward students in comparison to each other and in competition. For children who are performing at a high level, the goal is to overcome their previous levels. For children performing poorly, success is an achievable goal and there is always a corresponding reward for their efforts.

GEO Education System

The GEO Education Model, which is structured as on inseparable whole in line with these titles, is ready to raise all children as future people for a multifunctional success!

Ataşehir Campus

He/She is the future! His/her future is GEO!

Ataşehir Campus which started its educational activities in September 2018; in the pre-school, primary, secondary and high school levels, with the GEO Education Model, raise all our children as the people of the future for a multifunctional success.

With the GEO Education Model, which is formed under the titles Education Content of Future, Teacher of Future, Technology of Future and Architecture of the Future; we design special spaces that support our education model by saying “Architecture of concepts is architecture of space” while preparing them as individuals who have developed their skills for the future, are aware of their interests and abilities, are equipped as knowledge and have ethical values. In this context; apart from GEO Class, GEO Amphi, GEO C-Lab, GEO T-Lab which reflects the architecture of the future, we also have sports hall, swimming pool, gymnasium hall, library, laboratories, conference room, dining hall and children's playground.

GEO Class, with its smart board, special table chairs and other tools reflecting the modern face of the 21st century, are the most suitable classroom environments for our educational philosophy. At GEO, all the time, including breaks, was organized with an understanding of active rest hour which also serves students social and cognitive development. In this context, our students actively learn from classrooms to corridors in every square centimetre of the school.

GEO College, not only with the education of the future, but also with the architecture of the future, prepares our youth for the 21st century to gain all the necessary outcomes!


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