The Future of Teaching Profession

In the educational philosophy of GEO College, the ‘’Teacher of the Future’’ is also the future of the teaching profession. At GEO College, the teachers should be a lifelong learner and ask themselves, “How can we best educate the people of the future without teaching how to use the knowledge?”
For this reason, GEO College look for 3 irreplaceable elements in the teacher:

Passion for learning, Pedagogy, Virtue

Teachers That are Excited to Science and Art

As much as their own branches, GEO teachers are equally assertive in the direction of science and art In their own profession. GEO teacher in the direction of science and art:

  • Expertise in their own branches
  • Enquirer identity
  • To be able to control the measurement tools
  • Using the motivation methods to students to achieve their aims
  • Provides students to produce projects to reveal their direction of art

Being a teacher in GEO is to guide the alteration.

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