More Than Technology

21st century technology has started as a century where research, development, innovation and breakthrough are followed on a global scale and will continue to do so. In this context, GEO College consider technology as one of the most important components of the educational system.

In GEO, children learn to use technology effectively, develop their skills, become aware of their interests and abilities, become knowledgeable and have ethical values.

The GEO Education Model includes a sophisticated and highly detailed educational technology planning developed to prepare students for the future. With this structure applied at GEO, in addition to providing education to GEO students, technology is used to develop educational processes.


GEO LMS (Learning Management System) is the system that records student and parent communication at GEO, student education processes, measurement evaluation processes, activities and projects that the student participates in. All the data generated is analysed in this system and used for the purpose of personalized learning. Thanks to the SMART board and digital material system, students can repeat classroom lessons at home and do their homework online.


GEO, gives enormous importance to cooperation with leading international technology companies. GEO R&D (research & development) is based on sharing and supporting R&D activities to improve the educational technologies of the future by using the collaborations and students' ideas and imagination.

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