Counselling Approach

We implement the principles of “student-centred psychology” at GEO College. Each counselling specialist involved in the school is expected to conduct student-centred assessments and guidance and to support teachers and students in the light of these principles. 

Counselling Specialist / School Psychologist at GEO:

  • Unconditionally acceptor (respecting and accepting the existence of every individual in the school climate)
  • Sympathetic and understanding oriented
  • Love and compassion-oriented
  • Solution and development-oriented 
  • Neutral and fair
  • Conforms to professional ethics
  • Control of assessment tools
  • Importance and protection of the privacy of personal boundaries
  • Strong scientific direction and features the teacher of the future 
  • In cooperation with all individuals in the school community; student, parent, teacher, employee and managers.

The Purpose of Counselling

Psychological counselling unit aims to help all our students who have been educated and educated in our school to solve the difficulties they face with preventive guidance studies in order to support their self-development by taking into consideration the developmental characteristics of the students. PDR unit aims students to contribute to individuals who recognize themselves, set goals for development and progress, have harmony and communication skills, sensitive, happy, creative and productive, investigate and question, principled, open-minded, balanced and self-expressing.

In line with the stated objectives, the studies carried out at all levels to support the school climate can be summarized as follows:

Guidance Regarding To The Student

Recognition Studies

All students who apply to the GEO have a pre-assessment and recognition process. In this process, the psychological counselling and guidance unit recognizes the student through an original evaluation form, records observations and results, and then shares these results with their parents. 


Orientation is to prepare for the student's learning life, responsibilities, relationships with their environment, and the tasks that follow the steps of development for GEO rather than the process of getting used to the school. Students' psychological and social adaptation to the school climate, education, education and the success of the whole life can be very important. Therefore, every new student is welcomed by our Counselling specialist and the orientation process starts. In this process, the classroom teacher and counsellor is in contact with the student's peer group, school culture and education program.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is the service of counselling and guidance with each student. Students can benefit from this service at their own will, as well as teacher/parent sharing and information as a result of the determination of the need for support is a service. 

Monthly Group Work

Group work is a psychological counselling service aimed at raising awareness and personal development. Group work is determined according to the needs determined at the beginning of the academic year. The leader of the study is GEO’s psychological counselling and guidance specialist. A small number of students who have the same problem are brought together to determine the problem and to reach the solution ways. 

Natural Observation

With the natural observation method, psychological counselling and guidance specialist records feedback by observing the interaction, personal characteristics, communication and approach of students in areas of common use outside the classroom, such as inhaling, dining hall, garden and playground. This method is very important in understanding students' natural structures and skills.

Classroom Observation

The psychological counselling and guidance specialist periodically enters the classroom and observes the behaviour and social skills of the students during the course and increases the number of observations according to the needs of the teacher. The counsellor takes evaluation notes for each student, evaluates them with the teachers and forwards them to the parents in case of need. 

Meeting With The Classroom Teacher

The guidance specialist shares the information obtained from natural observation and in-class observation with the classroom teacher during their interviews. In this way, the student's guidance service is coordinated with the classroom teacher.


Consultation support is also provided by working with families, teachers and school administrators to provide indirect assistance to the student. At the same time, the psychological counselling and guidance unit works effectively in activities such as seminars, training and parent meetings. When the student needs clinical and/or special support, it applies for expert support and consultation.

Test and Inventories 

The psychological counselling unit uses the test and inventory to understand the academic status of the students, evaluate their behaviour, and monitor their psychological processes.

The tests and inventories applied at GEO are periodically and/or when deemed necessary by the counsellor. These tests and inventories are determined according to the needs of the student and also include standardized recognition and evaluation of each student. These studies are applied to the whole class in cooperation with the teacher and/or one-to-one students. Inventory and test results are transferred to the student's parents by interview.

Preventive Works

The psychological counselling and guidance unit conducts preventive and protective studies on problems that children may experience in the future. Preventive guidance is provided by taking into account the foreseeable or a case that is experienced before problems occur. Studies to recognize and express emotions and psychological soundness studies are studied under this module.

Student Seminars

Training and seminars are organized in the unit room, meeting rooms and conference rooms. Our growing, developing and changing children will also be presented with guidance in acquire the skills required by the students and the future.

Guidance Regarding To The Parents

Individual Interviews

Parents can benefit from this service by requesting an individual appointment. They may ask for guidance and views on the issues they desire to consult or request feedback in their follow-up studies. In the light of individual interviews and evaluations made with the students, parent-expert interviews are also included in this module. 

Development Follow-Up Meetings

As a result of regular follow-up of each student, meetings with the parents are held at least once in the semester to give feedback. Parents are required to attend these meetings. In this way, the psychological counselling unit meets with the parents of each student at least once during the semester and monitors student development.


At the end of each month, in our school/class bulletins which reach parents, the psychological counselling unit informs them about the work done that month. In addition, this module includes parent information and psychological counselling newsletters that are also sent to form cooperation to help support the school climate. 

Parent Workshops

Each term includes workshops where preferred participation takes place on predetermined topics by meeting with parents. Voluntary and proactive interaction is expected in these workshops. 


In our seminars and trainings, our parents are intended to be more effective parents. Behavioural disorders, acquiring positive behaviour and responsibility, family communication etc. seminars are given on topics. In these seminars, expert support can be provided from outside, and GEO counselling experts are actively engaged in seminars.

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