A Different Mindset of The Future

The future, no matter if we foresee it, will always remain unknown to us. In spite of this obscurity, the preparation of GEO for the future is to educate its students with knowledge and skills within the framework of universal predictions.


Our vision is to educate individuals who are equipped with the life skills of the 21st century, who produce, have an international mindset, and who shape his own future and the world’s.


GEO College raises individuals, who respect all forms of diversities, contribute to the dynamics of the era as active technology users and who enjoy international and intercultural tolerance in the light of the values of curiosity, passion, willpower, inspiration, virtue and never compromise from Atatürk's principles and revolutions. 

Why Was GEO College Established?

GEO College, within the space of GEO Education Model developed by GEO, aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn in the framework of the Education Content of the Future and 21st century pedagogy with the willpower, curiosity, passion, inspiration and virtue; by the help of Teacher of the Future it aims to create a personal learning plans by using variety of support strategies in an environment which enhances personal differences; by using Technology of the Future it aims to raise learners who adds value to the dynamics of the century by using technology effectively in every aspect of life, by the help of Architecture of the Future it aims to increase the learning and life quality of students by designing innovative learning spaces. You have GEO now!

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