We know that the role of communication in the world of the future will be more important. In this context, GEO College offers students a language acquisition program that improves their verbal and written expression proficiency.


With the fact that the research language is English in academic and social life, students are developing global and communicative skills with a half-day pre-school age group, a full day in a five-year preparatory class, and a high course hours and expert teachers at all other levels. In this context, foreign language intensive programs (18-24 hours) in primary and high school preparation classes enable students to start English in a strong way. GEO is a foreign language proficiency educating standard. 

The aim of this course is to enable students to acquire a foreign language in the best way through the programs aimed at acquiring listening, speaking, reading, writing and critical thinking skills in accordance with fluency in the two languages that we emphasize in the context of future education. Emphasis is also placed on improving self-esteem and self-confidence of the students who are intended to be trained as independent individuals. In order to exchange ideas, to learn and to discuss problems related to learning, students create an environment in which they can feel confident.

The English acquisition goals at GEO are below:

  • To enable students to use their grammar correctly through four skills
  • Develop fluency in language by enabling students to respect and self-confidence in themselves
  • To be able to communicate effectively in all kinds of situations and environments in English language
  • Express themselves in written and oral forms securely and fluently in any form
  • Being a lifelong English language reader
  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills
  • To develop students' interest, creativity and to encourage independent reading studies by providing the use of technological tools in the course.
  • To provide students' personal and cultural development by using various reading sources
  • To provide students with a positive attitude towards different cultures, to appreciate and to respect
  • To gain good working habits; to adapt to planning, organization and deadlines.
  • To learn to cooperate in various written and verbal projects
  • To read, analyse and discuss academic, scientific, fiction and literary texts from a critical point of view.


It is inevitable to learn a second foreign language in our globalizing world, taking into consideration the word "a language is a human being". Students at GEO, from the beginning of the 5th grade, begin their studies in English as well as German. The aim is to graduate students at B2 level in accordance with the CEFR criteria with the infrastructure they obtain. With the B2 level of German, students can understand long conversations, presentations and contemporary literary texts on a daily basis, and interact with native speakers in a way that makes it possible to deal with people who speak the language they have learned and they can give information about topics of interest and write understandable texts. 

Purpose in German education;

  • Students’ having a constructive interest in learning a new language, closer to the cultures of other countries, increased awareness of cultures and exchange ideas with the environment
  • Awakening and enjoyment of the student's interest
  • Being able to express oneself effectively in written and oral environments by using the correct grammatical structures.
  • Students’ gaining critical thinking skills by systematically reading from various sources
  • Using communication-based learning styles that enhance creativity, flexibility, problem-solving awareness and critique ability instead of language-oriented methods, it is to develop and implement the skills gained in accordance with their level.
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